Lab 5 – Instagram

Image result for instagramSocial Media branding is, in a sense, creating a shrine for pilgrims to view and subsequently develop ideas about the subject and producer of the posts. Every photo, video, and .GIF contribute to the outside worlds perception of who the subject is, and, in turn, helps place them in a certain place within the culture. These acts are both representative of the individuals life and of their own idea of where they fit in, and in what culture they belong.

My criterion for my photographs were fairly simple. I wanted to choose pictures that detailed some of my hobbies and values that best translate into pictures, as well as pictures that showed me in professional wear. From these, you can assume that I love sports and music, that I have some leadership experience, and that my family is important to me.

I tried to project an image of a well adjusted and mature young adult, ready for the next step in life. I wasn’t able to include photographs of all my hobbies and day to day activities, but I was able to show that I am a family man, and that I value experiences over material concerns.

I hope to later include pictures that demonstrate my love of reading, along with more action photos. These photos of me engaged will help lend my image an air of motion and competence, thus increasing my perceived value.


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