Blog 4 – Adventures in Video Editing

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Video editing with Camtasia was surprisingly easy and accessible, even to us novice editors. The insert tool, the drag and drop interface, and the timeline ruler on the bottom of the page made the tool easy to use. In fact, editing the video was almost as easy as capturing the shots themselves. Our group easily approached people on the street to interview, and we had plenty of ideas for the B roll. The IPhone actually proved to be surprisingly adept at capturing what we needed it to, and the quality of the shot was consistent enough to render an acceptable final product. The microphone, however, left a little to be desired.

However, I am glad that our project required a very basic use and understanding of the software project as a whole . It seemed as if we barely scratched the surface of its editing abilities, and yet it was still enough to accomplish what we needed it to. While it probably shouldn’t be used to edit Hollywood features, it seemed fine for Youtube stars and students alike.

I was proud of our final product. The end work was amateur, sure, but after all we ourselves are amateurs using the materials we simply had on hand. The cinematography was consistent, we used similar shots without them becoming repetitive, and our audio was at appropriate volumes at all time. The subject matter could have been a bit more developed, but doing interviews off the streets doesn’t typically lend very good answers anyways.


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