Blog 3 – Podcasting

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Today I listened to Episode 163 of A Partially Examined Life, which focused on the idea of Natural Kinds and natural philosophy. Dylan, the host, interviews Stephen Umphrey, a prominent contemporary philosopher about his most recent book that defends an antiquated, experienced understanding as the world as we know it. These ideas seek to refute advanced ideas of natural philosophy and solipsism, while seeking to explain such ideas such as continuants (objects persisting through time) and natural kinds (very similar to Platonic forms).

I chose this podcast because I am fascinated by the study of philosophy, and this podcast came highly recommended. The podcast relied solely on the interview, there were no musical cues or audio effects. This made the podcast seem very professional, and sought to mirror its serious subject matter. Along these same lines, there were no commercials included in this long form podcast. The podcast was shaped by the interview, and as such it flowed very smoothly. The simple question/answer format was smoothly executed through the podcast.


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