Blog 6: The Efficacy of the Personal Blog

Image result for person writing a blogWhen considering the efficacy of this blog using Steve Krug’s framework, outlined in his book Don’t Make Me Think, one must first consider what it is that this blog is intended to do. In general, a blog should serve as a space for self expression of an entity; a particularly intimate one at that, almost a space for self exorcism in a form longer than twitter, yet shorter than a book or novel.

However, this blog serves a different purpose, mainly one as a forum for the submission of academic assignments. So, given this, let us critique this blog using the 10 rules for usability.

The blog, in and of itself, is easy to use, and largely self explanatory. There is no clutter: containing only the posts themselves in chronological order. As it grows, there may well be reason to archive posts by date block.

One of the perks of WordPress is its generally self explanatory nature. There is a space for my posts, some basic contact information, and an about me, and nothing else. There are no distractors from the purely blog content, and there are no obfuscating tabs or links. It simply  is  a chronological listing of posts.

Right now, given its size, the overall design and content is fairly streamlined. There is not much of an opprotunity on the site to waste time or energy looking for what you need. In a similar way, this blog is incredibly similar in form to other blogs, and therefore is easily navigable by habit.

Given the size of the blog, I believe that it is a good beginners blog. As I post more as time elapses, there will necessarily be renovations of the sites structure, IE archives, search bars, tabs of non blog work, etc.